Our History, Our Passion

The company was founded in the early 1970s when, on finishing art school and after a few years of experience as woodworker, the young Leonardo decided, with his outstanding manual skills and entrepreneurial spirit, to open his own little Bottega Artigiana (Craft Workshop) in the historic center of Città di Castello.

After that, he decided to specialize in the restoration and reproduction of antique furniture, respecting Umbria’s traditions. He began recovering and finishing old lumber or using fine wood such as the national walnut, the chestnut and the oak.

Handcrafted furnitureThe products were such an immediate success at the national level that he decided to expand the space dedicated to their production, transferring the activities into the ind. zone of Regnano (Città di Castello). The new facility of approximately 2,500 m2 is divided into several sections: warehouse, woodworking, and the polishing and finished products area. Several years ago he was also joined by his sons Lorenzo and Andrea, master artists with diplomas from the Liceo Artistico “G. Giovagnoli” of Anghiari.

Today, the Caselli family continues its historic artisanal passion that, with its refined skill and knowledge, offers exclusive products of high quality, that, with harmony and originality, furnish the most refined living spaces in Italy and abroad.